Milwaukee Water Council to Host Fifth Annual Water Summit Conference

Program features three educational tracks focused on water technology and sustainability

The Milwaukee Water Council will host its fifth annual Water Summit conference September 19 to 20 at Milwaukee’s Discovery World/Pier Wisconsin complex. Keynote speakers will include authors David Zetland (“The End of Abundance”); James Workman (“Heart of Dryness”); architect/regional planner Phillip Enquist (“The Great Lakes Century”); David Garman, dean of the UW-Milwaukee School of Freshwater sciences; and Owen McIntyre, a senior lecturer at University College in Cork, Ireland.

Milwaukee’s Water Summit is attended by policymakers, industry leaders, experts and practitioners from across the world. This year, the Water Summit has been expanded from one to two days and features three tracks of educational sessions: “The Global Water/Energy Nexus,” “Urban Watersheds: Striking the Balance” and “Making Urban Agriculture Work.”

Milwaukee Water Council

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