Minority Parents Buy More Bottled Water, Poll Shows

Black and Hispanic children were more likely to drink bottled water at home

A recent study showed that minority parents spend more on bottled water than white parents because they believe it is safer than tap water.

According to Reuters, a poll of 632 parents at Milwaukee emergency room found that black and Hispanic children are three times more likely than white children to drink bottled water at home. Twenty-five percent of minority parents gave their children only bottled water, compared to 8% for white parents.

The minority parents surveyed spent more on bottled water each month than white parents--$20 per month, compared to $12 per month for white parents. More than one in ten of the minority parents said they had to give up other things in order to purchase bottled water, nearly double the number of white parents.

The minority parents said they purchase bottled water because they believe it is safer, cleaner and better tasting than tap water.


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