MIOX Partners With Simply Water

MIOX Corp. signs distribution agreement with Simply Water LLC for North America aquatics

MIOX Corp. Simply Water LLC for North America aquatics distribution agreement

MIOX Corp. has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Simply Water LLC for North America aquatics. Simply Water has represented a broad range of onsite generation technologies, and is an expert in aquatics water disinfection.

The two companies have worked together for many years prior to entering into this agreement. Simply Water has installed MIOX patented mixed-oxidant solution (MOS) onsite generation systems at indoor and outdoor pools ranging from 20,000 to 1 million gal of water at facilities such as YMCAs, parks and recreation, school districts and universities.

Rick Dempsey, CEO of Simply Water, reports customer success with MIOX onsite generators where the characteristics of the disinfection technology result in clearer and cleaner water, improved air quality and higher levels of safety for pool operators.

“The mixed-oxidant system provides the industry with the most advanced technology for treating pool and spa water in the world,” Dempsey said. “The MIOX and Simply Water partnership will prove invaluable to the swimming pool and spa industry in the United States.”

MIOX Corp.

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