MIOX Presents at Cooling Tower Institute Conference

Increasing power plant output using a new methodology for cooling loop maintenance

MIOX Corp. Cooling Tower Institute Tom Muilenberg Cem Candir

Tom Muilenberg, MIOX director of commercial operations, and Cem Candir, MIOX vice presidents of sales and marketing will present the technical paper, “How Stripping Biofilm From the Cooling Water Loop Impacts Power Plant Production Output” at the Cooling Tower Institute (CTI) Conference in Corpus Christi, Texas, on Feb. 4, 2013.

MIOX presents a cost-effective and environmentally friendly methodology to biofilm control within the cooling water loop. This proven approach utilizes MIOX patented technology and mixed oxidant solution (MOS) chemistry for improved heat exchange efficiency, resulting in a significant increase in power plant production output.

The new methodology is based on case studies and technical data showing that the presence of biofilm or other foulants in the condenser tubes, visible or not, eventually affects power plant production, especially if the plant is reaching peak capacity. The performance differentiator over bulk hypochlorite is that MOS chemistry is effective at the higher pH and total dissolved solids values typically found in cooling towers.

“The switch to MOS chemistry from bulk hypochlorite allowed one of our power plant customers to condense return steam more efficiently. Besides achieving operational cost less than the bulk hypochlorite, the power plant added $30 million worth of power annually in to the grid,” Candir said.

In addition to superior biofilm removal, MIOX technology is safe and eliminates many of the hazards found in traditional chemical treatment regimens, including the transportation, storage and handling of hazardous chemicals such as bulk hypochlorite and biocides.


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