Mobile Water Treatment Plant Presented as Art Object at Venice Exhibition

Artist used Berkefeld system to show relationship between city and water

Drinking water is a subject that interests and affects people in many ways. The artist Ayse Erkmen has therefore made water the focus of her new art object, which will be shown as part of the Turkish contribution to this year's Biennale contemporary art exhibition in Venice, Italy. A mobile water treatment plant supplied by Berkefeld, a subsidiary of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, forms the center of her presentation under the title “Plan B.” By means of the plant's interconnected components, water from a canal will be treated in an exhibition room.

The 54th international art exhibition will be held in Venice from June to November this year. Erkman, a renowned Turkish artist, has decided to use for her art object there a BERU 4000/800 water treatment plant of Berkefeld. The plant's components, colored according to a pattern defined by the artist, will be in operation for six months in a 300-sq-meter room. "That is a very unusual project for us," said Berkefeld Project Manager Christoph von Helldorff. "We are pleased that we may support this fascinating idea of Ayse Erkmen with our technology." The BERU 4000/800 plant, which among other operations was deployed in the flooded areas of Saxony, Germany, consists of prefiltration with back flushing-enabled disc filters, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. It can supply about 4,000 liters of drinking water per hour.

Erkmen will design the Turkish Pavilion with the plant. Following filtering, the drinking water will be returned to the canal. With this installation under the title, she will stage the complex relationship between city and water. At the same time, the water circuit is to be portrayed as being similar to human blood circulation, the artist explained at a press conference in Istanbul. The Pavilion of Turkey at the Biennale, organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, is sponsored by FIAT and is realized under the auspices of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with contributions by the Promotion Fund of the Turkish Prime Ministry.

Erkmen was born in Istanbul in 1949 and studied sculpture at the State Academy of Art in the Turkish capital. She graduated in 1977. In 1993 she received a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service in Berlin. Her main focus today is on sculptures, objects, installations and interventions.

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies

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