Jun 12, 2017

Salt Monitor Provides Alarms When Salt Level Is Low

Product uses two probes that generate electricity between them to produce conductivity reading

Water-Right's patented salt monitor (Model CV-3395) offers a unique way of watching the salt levels of a softening system. At the beginning of every brine cycle, the saltwater solution flows through the monitor before entering the water softener. The monitor contains two probes that generate electricity between them that takes a conductivity reading of the brine that flows through it. The onboard computer then converts the reading into a percentage value of brine concentration. If the reading is below 50% saturation, an audible and visual alarm notifies the homeowner that additional salt is required. This alarm can be scheduled to trigger during times convenient to the homeowner's daily routine.

This salt monitor takes a “snapshot” of the brine during every regeneration to keep an eye on the brine levels so the owner does not need to. This feature comes standard on select Water-Right models or can be added as an option to softeners not equipped with one from the factory.

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