Sep 06, 2013

MonViso Natural Mineral Water Launches in the UAE

Minimally mineralized water comes from the highest natural spring in Europe

MonViso, the minimally mineralized water with one of the lowest sodium levels and total dissolved solids in the world, has launched in the United Arab Emirates. The natural mineral water's purity comes from the highest natural spring in Europe — the Rocce Azzurre spring situated at the heart of the Monviso Mountain (3.841 meters) in the Cottian Alps of unpolluted pureness. Recently, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) added the MonViso region to their World Biosphere Reserve Network.

The water springs at an altitude of 2,042 meters, in a remote and protected area characterised by the absence of human settlement, which can lead to contamination. The water also goes through a natural purification process when mineral elements are enriched as it flows naturally through the rocks.

MonViso natural mineral water contains just 0.00003% sodium and the total dissolved solids (TDS) in 1 litre (measured after evaporation at 180°c) are 49mg (making it minimally mineralized). The low levels of sodium are ideal to avoid kidney strain and combat water retention, and are recommended in instances of high blood pressure and for low sodium diets.

Light waters can be enjoyed by everyone and at high consumption levels. Moreover MonViso water is also ideal for the preparation of formula and food for babies due to its absence of chemical and bacteriological contaminants, consistent composition, light mineralization and low levels of sodium and nitrates.

Bottled at source in North West Italy at the foot of the mountain in a converted Mill Building, MonViso strives for minimal impact on the local eco-system. Its innovative recyclable PET bottles contain reduced levels of plastic while the strength and durability expected from an ordinary PET bottle has been maintained.

MonViso mineral water will be distributed across the food service sector in the UAE by distribution agency Al Seer. MonViso will be available in popular supermarkets including Spinneys and Géant.

The distinctive packaging is offered at sizes to suit various needs and will be available in the following stock-keeping units (SKU'S): 6 x 1.5L, 6 x 0.5L and 24 x 0.33L multipacks (still), 1L bottle (still and sparkling) with 6 x 1L multipack.

As one of the few minimally mineralized light waters now offered in the region, consumers can expect a premium product that is both beneficial to their health and affordable to purchase on a daily basis. Prices vary from AED 2.90 for a 0.33L to AED 5.20 for a 1L bottle of MonViso.