Feb 29, 2012

Mountain Valley Spring and TalkingRain Beverage Co. Enter New Bottling Agreement

Mountain Valley will now bottle TalkingRain-branded products

Mountain Valley Spring Co. announced a new bottling agreement with TalkingRain Beverage Co. Inc. Pursuant to the agreement, the company will manufacture certain TalkingRain branded bottled water products for TalkingRain to market to its retail partners nationwide.

In order to fulfill its obligations under the agreement, Mountain Valley is in the process of enhancing its production capacity and upgrading one of its five bottling lines to permit the addition of flavors and carbonation to its natural spring water.

"We are impressed with the capabilities of Mountain Valley to help us meet the high consumer demand for our Sparkling Ice product," said Kevin Klock, president of TalkingRain Beverage Co. "There are not a lot of bottling companies that have the natural spring water resources and manufacturing capabilities necessary to meet our high quality production requirements and we are looking forward to working with Mountain Valley."