Aug 18, 2015

MTN Products Adds Managing Director of Asian Operations

Larry Brookes will be located at the company's factory in China

MTN Products Larry Brookes managing director Asian operations China

MTN Products and Water Solutions (HK) Ltd. announced the addition of Larry Brookes as managing director of Asian operations. In this role, Brookes will manage all aspects of Water Solutions (HK) Ltd.’s water cooler and beverage machine manufacturing, supply chain, procurement, product development and engineering. He will be permanently located at the company’s factory in China, and all Water Solutions Asian employees will report to him.

Brookes has a background in the bottled water industry that started in 1995 working for Sparkling Springs Water Group as the international vice president of production. He also has held positions at Danone Canada, DS Waters and PolyCycle Solutions, and has successfully managed procurement, supply chain quality control, engineering and capital budgets.