Dec 08, 2010

Multi-Pure Intl. Celebrates 40 Years in Industry

Business began in 1970 as marketing company, later expanded to manufacturing

Multi-Pure Intl. is celebrating its 40th anniversary this week. Founded in 1970 by brothers Allen and Alvin Rice, the company has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of carbon block filters in the world. Today, Multi-Pure is still a family-owned-and-operated company.

Multi-Pure was founded on Dec. 7, 1970, as a marketing company, selling point-of-use drinking water systems door-to-door in the Los Angeles area. By the mid 1970s, the company had developed the carbon block filter, and was actively manufacturing for its own Multi-Pure brand as well as the OEM market. In addition to manufacturing, Multi-Pure opened a network marketing program in 1982. This program is still active, with thousands of independent distributors across the country.

Multi-Pure co-founder and president, Alvin Rice, said he is excited for a bright future. “I’m often asked about my favorite moment in Multi-Pure’s long history. I say that moment hasn’t happened yet; we’re more excited for things to come.”

Today Multi-Pure and its manufacturing subsidiary, Carbon Block Technology, are located in Las Vegas, with an additional manufacturing subsidiary, CB Tech Shanghai, located in China.