Multiple Wastewater Outflows Reported By TRA Wastewater System

Trinity River Authority reported multiple wastewater outflows in excess of 100,000 gallons to the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission from the 200 plus miles of collection line that transports wastewater to the Authority's Central Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant in Grand Prairie.

The outflows were a direct result of large volumes of rainfall entering the extensive collection systems of the 21 entities served by the regional wastewater system as well as flows entering the TRA pipelines which deliver flows to the treatment plant. This caused the pipelines to become overloaded and outflow from manholes and lift stations in four separate locations.

While undesirable the outflows are not expected to have any significant impact on water quality because the wastewater was extremely diluted both in the line and in the bodies of water into which it flowed.

TRA personnel began discovering the first outflows while over 4.5 inches of rain fell on March 19. Subsequent inspections revealed a total of four storm water related outflows along TRA's Elm Fork, Harwood Trunk and Walnut Creek collection lines.

One outflow was discovered in Irving, Texas along the Elm Fork of the Trinity River in a location due east of Texas Stadium. The outflow would involve the Elm Fork of the Trinity River and a storm water channel for the Irving Flood Control District.

Another outflow along the Elm Fork was in the vicinity of Luna Road at IH-635. This outflow would involve the Elm Fork and a storm water channel for the Valwood Improvement District.

A third outflow occurred in Grand Prairie at the west side of Martin Barnes Road and came out of TRA's Harwood Road Trunk wastewater line. The area potentially affected by the spill would be Fish Creek near the Great Southwest Parkway.

The fourth outflow was detected in Grand Prairie in a remote undeveloped recreation area at Lake Joe Pool's Lloyd Park. Outflows in this area came out of TRA's Walnut Creek trunk wastewater line and could have a potential impact on the confluence of Walnut Creek and Lake Joe Pool.


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