Jun 04, 2010

Municipal Utility Utilizes Aquavx

East Richland County says its operations were improved with new advanced remote monitoring solution

In East Richland County, S.C., a new advanced remote monitoring solution is helping the county more efficiently monitor its water utility assets. One month after the county installed Aquavx, a SCADA alternative for water and wastewater utilities and operators, lift station operators are troubleshooting problems and conducting historical data analysis on the fly, according to the company.

Aquavx is designed to help sanitation districts, utility companies and municipal utility districts accurately monitor and control their water and wastewater equipment. The advanced remote monitoring solution aims to streamline maintenance and make operations more predictable.

“For example, we’ve suspected problems with inflow on some of our stations,” said Jack Morin, assistant supervisor at East Richland County. ”Now with Aquavx and a simple mouse click, I can recognize inflow problems immediately after it rains. The real-time data and chart displays give me a picture of the whole system, so I can see where the problems are and quickly address them.

“The benefits we’re getting from advanced remote monitoring, including ease of use of the interface, installation and upgrades, easily make up for any upfront expenditures.”

East Richland County deployed the Aquavx hardware on 13 lift stations with the support of AO Utilities, a system integrator, in February.

As an incentive to allow new customers to trade their old auto-dialer and monitoring equipment in for a new Aquavx system, M2M has introduced a Cash for Clunkers program. Cash for Clunkers gives customers a $500 discount on Aquavx in exchange for outdated hardware. This offer is valid until June 30, 2010.