Municipalities Select USFilter as Best Water & Wastewater Treatment Company

USFilter has been named the top water and wastewater treatment company in North America, based on an extensive survey of municipal customers by the research organization, Frost & Sullivan.

The firm earned the highest ranking for "overall service and performance" in the survey of water and wastewater managers across the country, and received Frost & Sullivan’s 2003 Best Overall Customer Service and Performance Award.

Frost & Sullivan congratulated USFilter for "exceeding customer expectations and industry standards, and for its proven record of responding to customer needs by providing prompt and reliable service, meeting customer demands with quality, value-added technology, and a centralized supply base with a wide range of products.

Service and Choice


USFilter has shown tremendous responsiveness to customer needs. It has transitioned effectively through changes in management and has continued to provide quality products with reliable customer service. In addition, the winning company has demonstrated flexibility in tailoring its product offerings to suit customer businesses," Frost and Sullivan reported.

In accepting the award, USFilter president and CEO Andy Seidel said his company was honored by this endorsement and said it validated USFilter’s focus on customer success.

"We cannot be successful unless the products, systems, and services we provide make our customers successful," he said. "We are proud of this recognition, and will continue to strive to perform even better for our customers in the future, as we help them meet their water treatment challenges."

Research Methodology

Frost & Sullivan carried out extensive primary research through surveys of a large group of the water and wastewater treatment facilities that are the end-users in this market. The questionnaire was designed specific to drinking water and wastewater treatment markets and posed insightful questions on purchasing criteria that the customers take into consideration in choosing a supplier. It asked the respondents to rate six specific criteria that were used to measure the performance of the suppliers: customer service, price, product quality, reliability, technological skills, and delivery time.

The data was also backed through secondary research and interviews with environmental engineering and consulting companies that assist the utilities in making purchasing decisions.


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