Mycelx Technologies' Alper to Present at EPA Conference

MYCELX Technologies Corp.'s Hal Alper has been invited to be a panelist at the 2001 Environmental Protection Agency's Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Conference December 10-13 in Baltimore, Md.

Alper will be a member of a panel discussing "Oil Pollution Prevention --A Safer Merchant Fleet."

Alper is president of MYCELX Technologies, an environmental company based in Gainesville. He is also the inventor of MYCELX, a technology that instantly removes pollutants, including an entire range of organic chemicals, from water. MYCELX is infused into a range of substrates, such as industrial wastewater filters and spill remediation booms, and is able to remove more than 99 percent of pollutants from water in a single pass.

Conference planners said Alper's expertise in bilge water discharges was "a natural fit" for the panel. MYCELX Technologies markets BilgeKleen, the first on-board filter device designed to remove pollutants from boat bilge water Once the filter is installed, boaters can discharge bilge water without fear of polluting lakes and rivers.

The panel is one of three maritime-focused discussions during the four-day conference. The meeting is targeted at those working in environmental emergency planning and response.

Mycelx Technologies Corp.

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