Name Change for Global Beverage Systems

New Le*Nature's, Inc. Name Leverages Growing Brand Equity

Global Beverage Systems, Inc., producers of a line of Fully Pasteurized beverages under the Le*Nature's brand name, changed its name to Le*Nature's, Inc.

"Our name change reflects the growing recognition of Le-Nature's products in the beverage marketplace," said Gregory J. Podlucky, Le-Nature's chief executive officer. "This is a logical next step as we continue to build the Le-Nature's brand, develop more great tasting products consumers want, and grow our distribution."

"Le-Nature's dedication to quality and purity during the company's 10 years of operation has created increasingly robust brand equity, which can now be reflected in the company name," said Donald Lenehan, Le-Nature's chief marketing officer. "This name change comes in advance of aggressive upcoming marketing initiatives that will further drive awareness of the Le-Nature's brand."

Due to the increasing consumer demand for healthy, pure tasting water products by consumers, sales of bottled water and alternative beverages continue to grow each year while carbonated soft drinks decline. The incredible growth can be attributed to the growing consumer awareness of the health benefits of drinking water. The Le*Nature's brand includes both Natural and Flavored ICE Waters. The company also produces kettle-brewed ICE Teas, home style Lemonades and Vitamin Dazzler juice drinks. All of Le-Nature's beverages are purified at the source and then pasteurized through an exclusive process. Le-Nature's can be found in supermarkets and convenience stores in major markets throughout the Northeast. The company is continuing to grow and has begun expansion into additional U.S. markets in the Midwest and Southeast.

Le*Nature's, Inc.

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