NanoLogix Signs Agreement for a Hydrogen Bioreactor at City of Erie Wastewater Treatment Plant

NanoLogix, Inc., a nanobiotechnology company engaged in the development and commercialization of technologies for the creation of hydrogen utilizing hydrogen bioreactors, announced that it has signed an agreement for the construction and operation of a prototype hydrogen bioreactor at the city of Erie wastewater treatment plant. This project will utilize the proprietary intellectual property of NanoLogix in conjunction with the participation of faculty members and students from Gannon University.

Mitchell S. Felder, M.D., CEO of NanoLogix, Inc., stated that, “We are very enthusiastic about exploring the enormous potential for converting wastewater into hydrogen. The Erie Wastewater Treatment Plant treats between 30 to 40 mgd from the sewer system. There are thousands of plants throughout America. Success in this arena could greatly alleviate American dependence upon foreign energy sources.”

Joe Sinnott, Esq., the mayor of Erie, added, “We are proud to have the city of
Erie in the forefront of the technological fight for American energy independence. Our collective success could permanently change the worldwide energy paradigm.”

NanoLogix, Inc.

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