Mar 12, 2014

NASA Recognizes Filter Water Bottle Technology

OKO H2O filter water bottles turn water from questionable sources into a safe, drinkable state

NASA OKO H2O Filter Water Bottle Technology

NASA-enhanced water filtration technology used by OKO H2O was recognized in the recent publication of the 2013 NASA Spinoff.

Complex systems on board the International Space Station (ISS) collect and recycle moisture using powerful filtration technology. The filters not only supply ISS occupants with drinkable water; they are likely to play a role in future deep space missions as well.

The same filtration technology used by ISS occupants to recycle bodily fluids into potable water is now used by OKO's filter bottles, allowing consumers, travelers and outdoorsmen to turn water from questionable sources and even lakes and streams into a safe drinkable state. OKO bottles are BPA free and made of U.S. Food and Drug Administration food-compliant materials.

The filtration water bottles also may be used during emergencies and for disaster preparedness. "Our lab tests show 99.999% efficacy against elimination of Cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia, two [of] the most common waterborne [pathogens] found in outdoor lakes and streams," said Mohssen Ghiassi, founder of OKO.