Oct 21, 2010

Naturally Iowa Changes Name to Totally Green After Acquisition

Company combines compostable waer bottles with ORCA Green Machine to create closed-loop composting system

The management team of Naturally Iowa Inc. announced that after acquiring Totally Green LLC, a Georgia-based company that pioneered the research and development of the Organic Refuse Conversion Alternative (ORCA) Green Machine, earlier this year, Naturally Iowa will now be known as Totally Green Inc.

By combining a fully-compostable water bottle with the ORCA Green Machine, Totally Green is creating the world’s first closed-loop composting system, which means that it has the ability to fully compost its water bottles, along with food waste, into a liquid effluent called compost tea within 48 hours in an earth-friendly, cost-effective way.

The combination of the two companies under the Totally Green name underscores their approach to the worldwide challenge posed by food waste and oil-based plastic bottles in landfills. A wide range of businesses and other “closed-loop sites” are now able to use Totally Green’s compostable water bottles along with an onsite ORCA Green Machine, to reduce the increasing environmental hazards of waste food storage on-site and the release of methane gas in landfills, while reducing tipping and hauling fees.

Totally Green is now headquartered in the Corporate Woods Business Park located at 4500 S. 129th E. Ave in Tulsa, Okla., and manufactures its ORCA Green Machine at a factory in Tulsa.

“With Totally Green, we now have a company name that is more reflective of our entire business,” said Rob Phillips, president of Totally Green. “Our new headquarters at Corporate Woods, our factory and expanded professional staff are extensions of our company’s commitment to maintain our leadership in protecting our environment with our innovative product line.”

A variety of organizations nationwide are currently using Totally Green products in their daily operations, including government agencies, public and private companies and university campuses. This system is useful for businesses with controlled environments where the consumer is likely to purchase, use and dispose of a product in the same place, such as restaurants, stadiums, hospitals, universities, theme parks, military bases and special events.

“Totally Green Inc. is fulfilling the original vision that our organization had at its inception … to find a way to solve major environmental problems while providing superior products to the marketplace,” said William Horner, Naturally Iowa’s found and CEO, and currently CEO of Totally Green.