NEHA Approves NSPF as Registered Provider for Continuing Education

Environmental Health Specialists will earn 16 credit hours when they take Certified Pool/Spa Operator course

The National Environmental Health Assn. has approved the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) as a Registered Provider (RP) for continuing education for the California Registered Environmental Health Specialist (CA REHS) program. The CA REHS program ensures that environmental health professionals are prepared for the demands encountered within their profession. Continuing education courses are required in California to help professionals to stay current with the latest technologies, issues and solutions.

“Environmental Health Specialists will earn 16 credit hours of continuing education credit hours when they take the Certified Pool/Spa Operator (CPO) certification course,” said Tracynda Davis, M.P.H., NSPF director of environmental health programs, who spearheaded the cooperation with California’s REHS program and the National Environmental Health Assn. The National Environmental Health Assn. (NEHA) has been designated a continuing education accreditation agency for REHSs in California. NSPF’s CPO certification course is approved for REHSs through NEHA.

The CPO certification is valid for five years and can be earned in a 16-hour classroom course or in a blended format with one day online and one day in the classroom. Officials can find classes listed at

Pool inspections carried out by environmental health officials help ensure that pools comply to local code and pose minimal risk to citizens and employees. Inspections are more valuable when inspectors are trained to a national standard of care. “By earning a CPO certification, public health officials will gain exposure to a spectrum of issues and solutions,” said Thomas M. Lachocki, Ph.D., CEO of the NSPF. “Taking the CPO certification course also helps public health officials since book sale proceeds fund environmental health research.”

A recent Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) report reinforces that an alarming number of pools have serious violations. The CDC report reveals that more than one in 10 of all pools (12.1%) should be immediately closed due to serious health hazards. The level of serious hazards at childcare pool facilities (17.2%) and hotels/motels (15.3%) were alarmingly high.

“Bottom line: we stink--and the people suffer. Having educated operators and health officials is critical to being better. We are honored that the CPO certification program will play an important role in creating the future we all want. We urge other health departments and operators around the country to adopt similar measures,” Lachocki said.

National Swimming Pool Foundation

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