Neptune Technology Group and Fluid Conservation Systems Combine Technologies

Combination results in a single system for automatic meter reading and advanced leak monitoring

Neptune Technology Group, Inc. and Fluid Conservation Systems, Inc. (FCS) have combined technologies to offer water utilities a single system for automatic meter reading and advanced leak monitoring.

Neptune’s ARB Utility Management Systems are now compatible with the FCS Permalog leak noise logger.

When combined with the FCS Permalog leak noise loggers, the Neptune R900 can transmit leak information from water distribution mains and service connections. Utilities can perform system leak monitoring while reading their meters using Neptune’s mobile AMR system. This combination of technologies eliminates the need to purchase separate meter reading and leak detection systems or send two crews to perform these functions.

Another benefit of combining the systems is the improvement in battery life. The battery of the typical Permalog can be expected to last five to seven years, but by sharing power with the D-cell battery in the R900, the battery life of the Permalog unit is expected to increase to 10 to 12 years.

Neptune Technology Group, Inc.

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