Network Associates to Participate in CEO Technology Forum At the White House

Forum Brings Together CEOs From Leading Technology Organizations and Senior Cabinet Officials

Network Associates, Inc., announced that George Samenuk, chairman and CEO, will participate in the CEO technology forum, "Promoting Innovation, Competitiveness and Service in the 21st Century," at the White House on Thursday, June 13th. The CEO forum brings together more than 100 CEOs from leading technology organizations and senior cabinet officials including Governor Tom Ridge, assistant to the President for Homeland Security, and Labor Secretary Elaine Chao. The panel discussions will be followed by remarks from President George Bush.

"Technology plays a crucial role in our nation's infrastructure, from utilities such as water and power to the financial markets," Samenuk said. "It is important that leaders in technology and government work cooperatively to address issues affecting technology companies. Working with government, our industry can help to ensure the security of our critical infrastructure, and also can be the engine for growth leading our nation toward economic recovery."

The focus of the forum is to continue the dialogue between industry and government on how to maximize technology's contribution to the nation by improving the understanding of the state of the market, identifying opportunities for positive government contribution, and locating the barriers the government might remove. The panel discussions will focus on Global Leadership and the Economy, Technology and Homeland Security, and Service, Education and the Workforce.

Network Associates, Inc.

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