Networking at WQA in Baltimore–Using Fun for Profit

All savvy business operators know that effective networking is one of the keys to achieving success in a highly competitive marketplace. Sharing information with your industry colleagues is a way to fine tune your strategy, hone your marketing skills and gain how-to tips for efficient operations.

The WQA Convention provides a forum for quality networking. Make sure you bring lots of business cards and a small notepad, then make it a priority to make at least five new, good contacts a day during the WQA's 30th Annual Convention and Exhibition in Baltimore, taking place this week.

You can network anytime, from hallway encounters to seminar breaks to the exhibition floor. However, when you can, have fun while you network. This year, the WQA Annual convention will offer many events that are custom made for networking.


* Welcome Reception — Wednesday night, from 5:50 to 7 pm, join your friends at the Wyndham Hotel International Ballroom. It’s a great place to open up new friendships that can set the tone for the rest of the Convention. By meeting new connections early on, you’ll have plenty of time to follow up with them later in the week.

* WQA’s "Field of Dreams" at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on Thursday night from 6:30 to 9 pm will be another great venue where you can eat, drink, dance–and network. This will be a great place to relax and meet new friends as you enjoy a buffet dinner replete with BBQ, crabs and, of course ball-park hot dogs. Introducing yourself will be easy in the friendly confines of Oriole Park.

* Don’t forget to network before, during, and after keynote presentations by Dr. Robert Kriegel and Hal Becker; those talks are bound to stimulate ideas & questions that are guaranteed conversation starters. Someone else’s take on a speaker’s comment may just give you an idea that can really help your business.


Once you’ve gathered all those networking colleagues, make a point of communicating with them as soon as you get back to the office. It’s all too easy to get quickly caught up in the regular grind and then lose track of your leads.

This year, make attendance at convention really pay with networking.


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