Feb 14, 2020

Industry News Week 2/14/2020

120Water creates Center of Excellence; Legionella Conference 2020 is accepting abstracts 


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120Water Creates Center of Excellence

120Water is expanding its capabilities beyond lead to include contaminants such as arsenic, Legionella (ASHRAE 188), and per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)

The company announced the creation of a Center of Excellence in order to meet the growing drinking water quality needs of utilities, government organizations and facilities.

120Water’s expansion offering enables the company to compete in a market three times the $5.1 billion lead sampling market, according to Megan Glover, co-founder and CEO of 120Water.

Lead in drinking water and the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) will continue to be a problem as utilities and municipalities grapple with the monumental task of replacing lead service lines and educating consumers about their drinking water,” said Glover. “Yet lead isn’t the only issue plaguing the water industry, and 120Water is poised to help in crucial areas of drinking water quality, infrastructure and compliance.”

The company will also rebrand from 120WaterAudit to 120Water to better reflect its focus on developing turnkey digital solutions for managing safe drinking water programs that reduce risk and protect public health.

According to 120Water, the Center of Excellence will include Utility Operations and Policy specialties to provide water quality professionals and government officials with an experienced and focused team of experts, research and best practices.

The Utility Operations Center of Excellence will be led by Tom Bruns, who joined 120Water as vice president of business development. Bruns will identify and help build new technology solutions in the water utility sector as it faces expanded regulatory requirements, according to the press release. Bruns has more than 45 years of experience in the water and wastewater field, most recently serving as the president of Aqua Indiana, a part of Aqua America. 

The Policy Center of Excellence will be led by Erica Walker, director of environmental policy & programs at 120Water. Walker joined 120Water in late 2018 from the Indiana Finance Authority. 

Call for Abstracts: Speaker, Research Poster Proposals Accepted for Legionella Conference 2020

NSF Health Sciences and the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) are accepting proposals for expert speaker and research poster presentations for the Legionella Conference, held in Chicago, Illinois on Aug. 19-21, 2020.

Legionella Conference 2020: Prevention of Disease and Injury From Waterborne Pathogens in Health Care will focus on preventing deadly outbreaks in hospitals and health care settings. 

Public health leaders, policy makers, regulators, researchers, infection prevention practitioners and water management systems experts are invited to submit proposals. 

The deadline for oral and poster presentations is Apr. 1, 2020. Applications can be submitted online.

Discussions will focus on policies and strategies to prevent health care-associated waterborne disease outbreaks. Prioritized conference themes include:

  • Preventing health care-associated waterborne disease outbreaks;
  • Microbiological contamination control in sterile processing;
  • Environmental sampling strategies;
  • Lessons from conducting outbreak investigations (surveillance, reporting and response);
  • Reducing energy and water consumption while reducing infection risk;
  • Building design, construction and renovation;
  • Regulatory frameworks for reducing waterborne disease risks in building water systems;
  • State and local regulatory inspection of building water systems; and
  • Updates on federal, state and local legislation and regulations   

Legionella Conference 2020 will be held at the Sheraton Grand Hotel on Chicago’s downtown riverwalk. Visit the website or email [email protected].

Water Well Trust Partnerships Fulfill Water Well Wishes

A Suffolk, Virginia, family of seven and a Crete, Illinois, family of six are enjoying a clean supply of running water in their homes because of the Water Well Trust and its partnerships with the Chris Long Foundation and the Groundwater Foundation.

The Crawford family of Suffolk received a new water well from the Hometown H2O program, which is an extension of the Chris Long Foundation's Waterboys initiative, in partnership with the Water Well Trust and Xylem Inc.

Working with the Water Well Trust, Hometown H2O funds the drilling of water wells for low-income households that do not have access to water at home or within a reasonable distance. 

Displaced from their home after their water well failed and they could not afford to drill a new, deeper well, the family asked the Water Well Trust for assistance. The new water well was completed within a week, reported the press release.

"This family's situation is not an isolated instance of the water challenges facing many lower-income rural communities in the United States," said Chris Long, founder and chairman of the Chris Long Foundation. "Addressing domestic water needs is an important next step in our work at Waterboys, which is why we created Hometown H2O. Having our first project in my home state of Virginia is special to me, but it is just the beginning of our U.S. work with the Water Well Trust and Xylem to impact lives through the gift of water."

The Illinois project kicked off the Water Well Trust's partnership with the Groundwater Foundation, which donated $100,000 to the Trust in 2019 to drill water wells for low-income families across the U.S. The Groundwater Foundation focuses on local groundwater education and action, merging with the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) in 2018.

The Saleh family's water stopped flowing due to a broken casing, which caused their water well system to be filled with sand. The Groundwater Foundation, working with the Water Well Trust, assisted the family throughout the project.

"These partnerships provide invaluable new resources for meeting the needs of Americans without access to clean, safe water," said Water Well Trust program director Margaret Martens. "For them, every day without water is a struggle. Partnerships with Hometown H2O and the Groundwater Foundation are helping us fulfill the promise of a better life for these American families much more quickly."

The Water Well Trust maintains a wait list of American households requesting funding for the drilling of new wells or rehabilitation of non-functioning wells in high-need, low-resource rural areas. Prospective applicants can download the application form and instruction letter.