New All-In-One Tea Dispenser Technology Introduced

Tasty Tea, created by Hal Miller, is an all-in-one water purifier, cooler, and tea brewing and sweetening dispenser system designed for restaurants, convenience stores and movie theatres. Tea can be dispensed unsweetened or sweetened with an all-natural liquid cane based sugar. This patented system adds chilled sweetener to already chilled tea when it is dispensed, eliminating the dilution caused by melting ice.

The system is equipped with a reverse osmosis (RO) purifier that eliminates scale problems associated with dispenser systems and the need for activated carbon filters. The capacity of the RO component can be sized to provide water for carbonators, coffee and cappuccino machines, icemakers and steamers. Tasty Tea also features a self-sanitizer.

Installation is easy and leased users need to supply, space, water, electricity and a drain. The operation and amount of tea leafs and sweetener is monitored from a remote location and ingredients will be automatically delivered when required. The company also provides technical assistance to correct malfunctions or interrupted service.

For more information contact Hal Miller at 843.552.7799 or visit

Tasty Tea

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