New App Calculates Savings for Ozone Pool Purification

Clearwater Tech App calculates yearly savings of ClearWater ozone systems based on the pool size

Clearwater Tech Ozone Purification Pool App

The ClearWater Tech App is now available for iPhones and iPads. It shows the yearly savings a ClearWater ozone system can produce for a 10,000-gal capacity pool, and users can see the amount of yearly savings go up correspondingly as the capacity of the pool grows up to 80,000 gal.

The app’s calculator shows yearly savings depending on the size of the pool, and cross-links 11 different ClearWater systems, each appropriate for the size of pool being analyzed by the calculator.

Designed primarily to assist dealers with their sales presentations, the app also has videos that point out the advantages of ClearWater ozone-treated water as opposed to the use of chlorine, which may prove interesting to both residential and commercial pool owners. 

Cameron Tapp, president of ClearWater Tech LLC, said future app updates would cover the company's ozone air purification technology and EcoTex ozone system, which enables cold water to be used economically and effectively for commercial laundering operations.

Requiring iOS 5.0 or later, the app is compatible with iPhones (3GS and later), iPod Touch (third generation and later) and all iPads. It can be downloaded for free at Apple’s online iTunes Store.

Clearwater Tech

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