Jan 29, 2016

New Book Examines Incan Engineering, Water's Cultural Importance

Book looks at design of ancient water temple

incamisana, ASCE, inca, water temple

A new book from ASCE Press, Incamisana: Engineering an Inca Water Temple investigates the engineering skill of the Inca and the importance of water in their culture. The Incamisana, an ancient water temple, serves as historical evidence of the key role water played in Inca life. Built half a century ago, this was a complicated, well-designed and balanced flow system, which employs many of the same modern principles we use today.  Kenneth K. Wright and his team illustrate the masterful design of the temple, which incorporates functional hydraulic works flowing into a ceremonial complex. 

Wright’s team also studied the mountainside hydrology, geology and paleohydrology supporting fountains and agricultural terraces necessary to support the larger Inca community. Illustrated with photos and drawings, this book provides engineers, archaeologists, tourists and armchair travelers with an appreciation for the engineering skill of the Inca.