New Brochure Focuses on Products for a Cleaner Environment

A new brochure, "Focusing on Products for a Cleaner Environment", is now available from Solvay Chemicals, Inc. The brochure reviews water, soil and air emissions treatment utilizing hydrogen peroxide, soda ash, sodium sulfite, sodium percarbonate, trona, sodium bicarbonate, sodium fluoride, calcium peroxide, or magnesium peroxide.

Applications include sulfide odor control, sludge dewatering, BOD/COD reduction, treatment of toxic or refractory wastewaters, cyanide detoxification, and dechlorination. Practical applications for treatment of residual chlorine in effluents, sanitization of drinking water, and in lakes and ponds, geothermal power plants, swimming pools, grease traps, soil and groundwater remediation, utility flue gases, and scrubbing stack gases are also reviewed.

For a free copy of Solvay Chemicals’ latest brochure, "Focusing on Products for a Cleaner Environment," call 1-800-765-8296, or go to

Solvay Chemicals, Inc.

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