New Certification Guide for Drinking Water Treatment Systems and Components Now Available

NSF International announced the availability of a new Certification Guide for Drinking Water Treatment Systems and Components. The guide provides a complete overview of the NSF certification process, from detailed steps required to achieve specific certifications to the many options available in approaching certification.

"The purpose of the guide is to simplify the process for treatment system and component manufacturers, as well as to advise them on ways to save time and money while also getting the most from their investment," said Tom Bruursema, general manager of NSF’s Drinking Water Treatment Unit program. "We wanted to offer companies a quick reference guide to help understand key steps in the program along with best practices, which we’ve designed based on 33 years of experience in testing drinking water treatment units."

NSF has worked closely with several hundred clients and several thousand projects on a routine basis, according to Bruursema. This new certification guide highlights NSF’s role in managing many of the details that allow the process to move quickly and efficiently. "The result is a reference guide that provides a clear understanding of the overall process to help clients make the process work to their advantage," Bruursema said.

The guide contains sections on the process flow, frequently asked questions, standards requirements, listing options, a glossary and even a section that includes information on how to work with your suppliers. Both certified and non-certified companies will find the guide to be a useful resource. NSF Certified companies familiar with the process can use this as a training and reference tool for those in the organization who may not be as familiar with the process. These clients may also find tidbits of information they were not aware of. Non-certified companies will find it very useful in understanding their many options before beginning the process, ensuring that they understand the co-marketing potential after gaining certification.

The NSF Drinking Water Treatment Unit Certification Program was first established in the early 1970s. Today, NSF is the single largest testing and certification organization in the world for these products, and the organization responsible for maintaining the American National Standards against which these products are tested and certified. This guide is a reflection of the experience we have developed in this area over many years, and the many ways in which we strive to deliver excellence in customer service and value in the NSF Mark.

NSF International

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