New DM10 Digital Display for Flow Meters Provides Remote Readout of Flow or Temperature

The new DM10 Digital Display from Fluid Components International (FCI) acts as a remote digital display of flow rate or temperature readings from FCI’s popular ST and GF Series thermal-dispersion mass flow meters. These instruments can be used with blind flow transmitters as their primary readout, or with integral display flow meters as a remote mounted additional display, or as an auxiliary display mounted anywhere.

The Model DM10 is a loop-powered LCD readout meter, which can be inserted anywhere in the flow meter’s 4-20 mA output loop. It requires no separate power source as it relies on the flow meter’s 4-20 mA output loop’s power. The DM10 is scalable to +1999 digits and features oversized 1-in. (25mm) high characters for easy viewing. It is sized at 3.15 (h) -x- 5.51 (w) -x- 2.56 (d) in. (80-x-40-x-65 mm).

The Model DM10 is designed to meet a wide range of meter installation locations and process requirements. Its standard configuration is wall mountable with optional panel or pipe mount kits available. Wiring is to screw terminals via a standard 0.5-in. conduit hole at the bottom of the case. The DM10 is also available in FM and CSA approved versions for installation in hazardous areas requiring approvals.

The DM10 remote display is designed for use with the popular FCI, ST and GF Series Flow Meters. These flow meters provide direct mass flow measurement of air, fuel gases and process gases. The series includes six different insertion and inline style models: the ST50, ST75, ST98, ST98L, GF90 and GF92. Each of these popular meters is designed for precision air/gas flow measurement to meet a wide range of rugged plant applications found in the demanding process and manufacturing industries, including chemical, oil/gas, wastewater treatment, power utilities, food/beverage, heat-treating, metalworking, pharmaceutical, pulp/paper, and others.

Fluid Components International

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