New Entry Level Education for Pool, Spa Industry

Two courses from the National Swimming Pool Foundation teach basics of pool & spa operation

Two new online courses, Pool & Spa Basics and Water Chemistry Basics, from nonprofit National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) are designed to quickly get retail, builder, distributor and manufacturer employees up to speed on the basics of pool and spa operation and water chemistry. The courses will help people gain the basic knowledge required to effectively perform their jobs and serve their customers. Industry members who are seeking a higher level of learning can consider taking the organization’s Pool Operator Primer online course, or the Certified Pool/Spa Operator (CPO) certification program.

“With the introduction of the basics courses, the foundation now provides pool and spa training options that meet the needs of everyone,” said Alex Antoniou, Ph.D., director of education at NSPF.

“We developed the learning to meet the needs of these individuals and those new to the industry, who understand that customers expect to find well-informed people on staff, yet many companies have limited resources to provide employees the knowledge and tools to get there,” Antoniou continued. “Whether they are answering phones, working the counter with customers, or in the field, the Pool & Spa Basics and Water Chemistry Basics courses will give them the knowledge and confidence they need.”

Pool & Spa Basics teaches the fundamental knowledge, techniques and skills of pool and spa operation, filtration and circulation. Participants will learn about different types of pools and spas, materials and construction. Teaching includes topics such as reducing risk around and in the water, safe chemical handling and storage, importance of recordkeeping, identifying causes of water loss, types of energy loss, and designing for air circulation. Water Chemistry Basics teaches the fundamentals of water chemistry, water testing and chemical dosing. Students will learn about water balance, proper disinfectants, calculations for breakpoint chlorination, how to handle fecal-related contamination and other recreational water illnesses.

Since the courses are online, they are self-paced, and students can complete them at their convenience, in more than one sitting. As with all NSPF online courses, the training is dynamic, making learning easier. Each course contains narration, video, images, quizzes and other interactive learning tools to engage the participant.

The cost is $40 per student for each course, and includes access to the online training for six months once purchased. People can register for the Pool & Spa Basics and Water Chemistry Basics online training courses at, by e-mailing [email protected] or by calling 719.540.9119. The NSPF Pool & Spa Operator Handbook may be ordered at a discounted price of $50 with the purchase of either course. Or, a package of all three can be purchased for $130.


National Swimming Pool Foundation

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