Nov 15, 2011

New Faucet Delivers Filtered Drinking Water Straight from the Tap

Company announces new filter faucet designed to reduce plastic bottle waste

American Standard announced its new Streaming Filter Faucet, designed to offer filtered drinking water without any additional attachments.

The faucet includes a filter system integrated with a contemporary-styled single-control kitchen faucet. The company hopes to help preserve the environment while saving consumers money by reducing the need for bottled water and any additional faucet filters.

"With so many alternatives available, it is unconscionable that we knowingly litter our streets, clog our landfills and endanger our ocean habitats in a determined quest for clean drinking water, which is readily available in the developed world," said Don Devine, president and CEO of American Standard. "Our drinking water is tested daily for safety, so it's a natural choice for health- and cost-conscious consumers who want to do more to help preserve the quality of our environment."

Nearly seven out of every 10 plastic water bottles—or roughly 70% of the estimated 28 billion plastic water bottles that Americans consume annually—are destined for the landfill, according to a 2008 study by the National Association of PET Container Resources. According to the National Resources Defense Council, people spend from 240 to more than 10,000 times more per gallon for bottled water than they typically do for tap water.