New Immersible Motor Series Exclusively from JWC

JWC Environmental proudly introduces a new series of immersible motors developed by Baldor exclusively for JWC Environmental.

The immersible motors exhibit improved efficiency, operate at a cooler temperature, and are less expensive than typical submersible motors frequently used for applications with occasional flooding.

This new innovation is ideal for applications that are prone to intermittent flooding because it is designed to operate exposed to air, along with the capacity for 30 ft of submergence during flooding. The new motors are significantly more efficient for these applications because they are designed to operate continuously in ambient air unlike submersible motors.

The immersible motor’s special torque characteristics make them suitable for all JWC products. The motor has a U.L.NEMA 6P (IP67) approval rating allowing them to withstand watertight submergence of up to 6 ft. The units have been designed to withstand 30 ft of water and JWC warranties such submergence. The motors are available in common voltages and frequencies and utilize a high temperature lip seal. They are also designed to operate in an explosion proof environment. The new immersible motors maximize effectiveness because they are specifically designed for flood prone applications, operate efficiently in ambient air, and are ideally suited for JWC products.


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