Dec 28, 2000

New Internet Company Provides Access to Comprehensive Testing Laboratories

MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 24 -- A new e-Commerce company,, has created the first Internet exchange for comprehensive
scientific measurement services. provides companies needing
scientific testing and expertise with access to world-class laboratories and
other scientists through its secure Web site, The new venture
allows scientists to quickly overcome scientific impasses by identifying member
laboratories capable of delivering virtually any type of scientific services,
based on its growing proprietary database of the world's finest labs.

"We have an exciting opportunity to provide
the dominant e-Commerce platform for business-to-business scientific
outsourcing," said Todd Peterson,'s president and CEO. "'s
capabilities and infrastructure are unmatched in this arena."

Commenting further, Peterson said:
"Outsourcing of scientific testing is a fast-growing industry trend limited
only by the lack of known options. solves this problem by
efficiently providing companies with one convenient source to meet their
outsourcing needs. We also enable large testing laboratories to leverage their
internal resources and sell their excess capacity."'s member laboratories include Fortune
500 companies, university facilities, commercial research centers and individual
consultants. Many of these laboratory resources are unavailable outside their
organizations except through Current member labs include BP Amoco,
Phillips Petroleum, Ticona Chemical, the University of Missouri's Research
Reactor and Impact Analytical/Michigan Molecular Institute, among others.