A New Kind of Filter

The latest carbon filtration product from Pentair Water was developed on the proven platform of Fibredyne technology and was made available to the water treatment industry beginning in January. The new Pentek Flo-Plus cartridge technology is a significant improvement over both traditional 0.5-micron carbon block filters and Fibredyne’s standard cyst-reduction cartridges.

Flo-Plus, a new low-pressure drop filter, is the only filter cartridge of its kind on the market today. It uses proprietary Fibredyne technology to obtain superior cyst-reduction performance (0.5 nominal micron rating), with the flow and pressure drop characteristics of a traditional 10- or 20-micron filter.

The Flo-Plus is an alternative to traditional 0.5-micron carbon block products when applications call for a cartridge with cyst-reduction capabilities, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. It delivers high flow rates with exceptionally low-pressure drop, while still removing cysts. The Flo-Plus cartridges achieve cyst reduction at only 2 to 3 psi, while competitive products on the market need 15 to 20 psi pressure to handle cysts effectively.


High Particulate Efficiency

A clear choice for high-sediment water, the Flo-Plus cartridges offer perhaps the best-available solution for applications where source water has high sediment content, or if cyst reduction and high particulate efficiency is desired. If a user has previously experienced short cartridge life due to plugging, this cartridge is a smart solution.

Fibredyne’s process technology controls porosity by adjusting the size of the fibers comprising the filter matrix, not the size of the carbon particles used. This technology results in a product that effectively combines the performance of a carbon block and a sediment filter into a single cartridge.

The Fibredyne fiber matrix acts like a true depth filter, with the added benefit of chemical reduction provided by the carbon attached to those fibers.


Cyst Reduction

A typical Flo-Plus application might be a home with a well that operates at 40-psi pressures where the resident is concerned about the potential for waterborne cysts. In this case, the use of a standard carbon block filter would result in a pressure drop of 15 to 20 psi, which is not generally acceptable.

The Flo-Plus maintains nearly full flow and lasts five times longer than standard carbon block filters. The Flo-Plus carbon filters are also ideal where it is difficult to achieve desired flow rates with standard cartridges due to excessive pressure drop. The Flo-Plus will reach a relatively high flow rate of 5, 6 or even 8 gpm while effectively reducing cysts. Standard carbon blocks with cyst reduction capabilities typically have flow rates of no more than 1 or 2 gpm.

Combining better performance with a lower filter replacement cost over the life of the system, the Flo-Plus is an effective alternative to standard carbon block.

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