New Mobile Emergency Water Filtration System Launched in NYC

The first EPA-verified Mobile Emergency Filtration System (MEFS), capable of producing up to 60,000 gallons per day of high quality water, was introduced by Ecosphere Technologies in New York City yesterday.

At a press conference held on Pier 60, Ecosphere engineers demonstrated the system by converting water from the Hudson River into pure drinking water.

The MEFS has multiple applications:

• Emergency Response: In the case of a natural disaster

• Developing Regions: A clean source of drinking water to remote areas

• Backup Water Supply: Temporary emergency water for hospitals, military operations and prisons

"With the development of MEFS, we realized there was a huge untapped market to help protect the world's water supply and provide clean drinking water in emergency situations," said Dennis McGuire, founder of UltraStrip Systems, Inc. and chief technology officer to Ecosphere. "The threat of water contamination here, and the lack of adequate water supplies in developing regions, made it clear that this product has applications worldwide."

The MEFS received EPA verification in March 2004. "The UltraStrip MEFS was the first ETV-verified system treating wastewater generated during decontamination of biological or chemical Homeland Security incidents. Three different challenge conditions were used in the testing, and the test data showed the MEFS removed the contaminants of concern to very low or non-detectable concentrations," said Thomas Stevens, P.E., Manager of Engineering and Research Services for NSF International.

Ecosphere donated a filtration system to Water Culture Network, a non-profit organization founded by global environmental leader Jean-Michel Cousteau. Ecosphere became a Founding Partner of Water Culture Network by its donation of a complete filtration system and technicians to support the unit on site in a crisis location.

Based in Stuart, Fla., Ecosphere Technologies is a subsidiary of UltraStrip Systems, Inc.

Ecosphere Technologies

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