New Models of AquaLiv Water System Announced

Residential model reengineering results in compact size and lower cost

AquaLiv Water System Aistiva Corporation Commercial Residential Systems

AquaLiv Technologies Inc. announced that its subsidiary, Aistiva Corporation, has released two redesigned models of its popular AquaLiv Water System.

The AquaLiv Water System is a home water purification and enhancement device that restores tap water to a "better than spring water quality." The system boosts alkalinity naturally, decreases water's oxidative strain on the body and increases water's hydration capability. Such enhancements surpass the 'purification-only' concept seen in most water systems today.

Refinement and evolution of the AquaLiv Water System have allowed for an increased water volume enhancement capacity within a more compact system size. The new systems are available in a Residential Model designed for families or small groups of up to six adults and a Commercial Model for larger groups.

One notable difference between the new systems and former system is the price.  Due to lower production costs, the Residential Model now retails for $687.95 and has the same capacity as the former system that retailed for $1676.

"The new system is easier to install, takes up less space, has the same enhancement capacity as the former system and costs less. This 40% price reduction is significant for several reasons. Not only can many more families afford the system, but we are also selling in a completely different and larger market now. The market size for water enhancing devices is still quite small. At the new price point, we are competing directly with high-end reverse osmosis (RO) purification systems sold in kitchen and bath showrooms, a vastly larger market serviced by thousands of showrooms across the country," stated Aistiva Corporation CEO, Craig Hoffman

Hoffman continued, "Reverse osmosis systems are great at removing impurities but, unfortunately, they also remove beneficial minerals—up to 92-99% of calcium and magnesium. Additionally, because RO water doesn't have enough minerals, it attaches to the nutrients consumed in food and vitamins which are subsequently flushed out of the body, thereby compounding the problem. The AquaLiv System removes fluoride and toxins while preserving the beneficial minerals. Consumers understand this difference immediately and the system is competing well at the new price point."

Hoffman concluded, "While we have focused on a direct to consumer sales model in the past, we've already begun transitioning to a wholesale business model and seeing great interest in our products. The AquaLiv System accounted for nearly $415,000 in 2012 calendar year sales. We expect that figure to grow markedly with our new systems and wholesale business model."

With the addition of the commercial model, the AquaLiv Water System can now be sold to offices, health clubs, clinics, etc. that were beyond the capacity of the former system. Future plans include drinking fountains with integrated AquaLiv enhancement technologies and large-format filling stations to be installed in grocery stores that allow consumers to fill 1, 3 and 5-gal bottles with AquaLiv Water.

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