Jul 08, 2011

New Online Game Educates Students About Groundwater

Project team worked with schools and Australian government to develop games

What do you get when you mix four self-confessed web geeks, a bunch of school kids, some “gnasty gnomes” and an important environmental message? Three highly addictive and educational online games, of course.

The team at Melbourne’s (Australia) Lava Web Creations has recently wrapped up a unique project commissioned by the Victorian Government’s Department of Sustainability & Environment to educate school children on the use of groundwater.

Lava’s team of four experienced web designers and developers worked closely with the The Swinburne University Design Centre to produce the Wet Rocks website and games (www.wetrocks.com.au).

“We worked really closely with the client and Year 7 to 9 students testing the interactive game until we got it just right,” Gonsal said. “The concept behind www.wetrocks.com.au is to educate our young and impressionable minds about the impact people and cities have on their environment and methods to treat water salinity. We learned a lot just putting the game together and it was evident that Generation Y beat the pants off Generation X when it comes to playing online games as well.”

The games at www.wetrocks.com.au direct players to treat the soil and save groundwater quality before the polluted “gnasty gnomes” parachute to the ground.

The team at Lava Web Creations managed the project from start to finish, arranging audio and ensuring they managed to effectively communicate a complex environmental message via fun game play.