New Point-of-Use Filter Reduces 53 Contaminants

Waterpik Technologies has introduced the Instapure water
filter, an innovative end-of-faucet filter that reduces 53 contaminants as well
as chlorine taste and odor. This water filter is 20 percent smaller in size
than the leading brand, and it reduces more than twice as many contaminants as
filter pitchers.


The Instapure water filter's proprietary activated carbon
technology uses an exclusive process to create maximum filtering efficiency in
an attractive, compact sizeConsumers can easily switch between the three
settings -- filtered water, unfiltered water and power rinse -- and the filter
automatically switches back to unfiltered water after each use, maximizing the
life of the filter. The power rinse setting is designed to help rinse pots and
pans with unfiltered water.


The Instapure(R) water filter fastens easily onto most
faucets. Installation takes less than three minutes on standard faucets, and
the filter cartridge will last for up to 100 gallons or about three months of
normal use. A convenient indicator light turns red when the filter needs to be
replaced, ensuring consumers consistently enjoy maximum filtration benefits.

Waterpik Technologies

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