New Report Recommends Water Filtration to Decrease Carcinogen Exposure

Kinetico provides several in-home filtration options to meet recommendation

In its most recent annual report, the President’s Cancer Panel (PCP) lists in-home water filtration as a way to decrease exposure to both known and suspected carcinogens as well as endocrine disruptors. Kinetico’s line of in-home treatment options provides multiple resources for water filtration, in line with the PCP’s recommended solution to lower in-home exposure to carcinogens.

“Amid the increasing concern over water quality, it’s important for homeowners to know they can take control of the water they and their families drink,” said Kinetico President and CEO Shamus Hurley. “If residents are concerned about the quality of their water, the first thing they should do is have it tested. The next step is to become educated on the treatment options that are available to improve their water’s quality. Residents can decide which treatment option will best protect their families from water impurities and the health threats they may lead to.”

One such option is Kinetico’s K5 Drinking Water Station. It uses reverse osmosis (RO) technology, a solution recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency, to most effectively remove a large number of contaminants. It is also a type of filtration that the American Water Works Association and many well-known universities have found in their research to effectively remove endocrine disruptors.


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