New Technical Conference to Explore Crucial Ground Water Issues

The first Ground Water Summit hosted by the Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers (AGWSE) will be held April 17-20, 2005 in San Antonio, Texas to explore technical information, new science and policy related to ground water.

Among the scheduled sessions are:

• Ground Water in Developing Countries: Appropriate Technology, Sustainability and Self-Sufficiency

• Recycling Remediation Technologies: What Have We Learned?

"None of This, Some of That": Technical and Economic Aspects of Treatment Trains

Ground Water Education

• Detection, Transport and Health Impact of Pathogens in Ground Water

• Ground Water Microbiology

• Arsenic Removal from Ground Water Chemistry, Technologies, Case Studies and Assessment and Treatment in Developing Countries

• Emerging Contaminants and Their Impact on America’s Water Supply

• Edwards Aquifer

For additional information and registration for the 2005 Ground Water Summit, visit the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) website at

National Ground Water Association

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