New Trade Association For European Water and Wastewater Industry

Aqua Europa, Brussels, a new Brussels-based association for the European water and wastewater industry was formally inaugurated in Brussels last week with the election of its Board of Directors and of Mr. Peter-Lorenz Schmidt, of BWT, the Austrian water technology group, to be the first president.

Aqua Europa, an association of trade associations active in the water sector, has been restructured to become the representative body for the wider European industry supply base. Members include Aqua Belgica, Aqua Danmark, Aqua España, Aqua Italia, Austrian Water Association, BSW (Germany), British Water, FIGAWA (Germany), UAE (France), and Water Quality Association of America (Associate).
Formerly concerned only with the domestic and small-scale commercial water treatment segments of the market, Aqua Europa has now embarked upon a strategic expansion. It will work closely with the European Commission to development a water policy that will more effectively balance social and infrastructure needs across
the European Union—with industry capability to contribute to those goals. Aqua Europa will also develop an international capability to promote the technical, operational, financial, and legal expertise of the European industry in the global marketplace.

Previously, the interests of the European water and wastewater industry were only partially represented at the EU policy level – principally through the highly effective water suppliers’ organization, Eureau.

However, with the growing reliance of water suppliers on outsourcing to deliver the environmental and quality standards set by EU regulators, the industry supply base: civil and process engineering contractors; consulting engineers; equipment manufacturers; etc., is of crucial for infrastructure development policy. The same groups also represent the primary skills for the attainment of Millennium Development Goals and the relief of world poverty, so Aqua Europa will increasingly provide the framework for Europe-wide industry cooperation.

Aqua Europa

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