New Water Bottle Approved by the Biodegradable Products Institute

Today, the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) announced its approval of the bottle used for BIOTA premium spring water. The BPI’s certification demonstrates that BIOTA’s bottle meets the specifications in ASTM D6400 and will biodegrade swiftly and safely during municipal or commercial composting.

BIOTA’s new bottle is the first approved by the BPI as well as the first to be derived entirely from corn, a renewable resource.

"BIOTA water is the perfect combination of premium spring water and environmental respect," says David M. Zutler, CEO of BIOTA Brands of America, Inc. "Obtaining BPI’s approval is a critical part of our marketing efforts," says Zutler. The BPI certification is only granted to products that meet ASTM D6400 "Specifications for Compostable Plastics" based testing in approved, independent laboratories.

Compostable plastics are gaining popularity as interest in food scrap diversion continues to grow. Residential and commercial food scrap programs are in place from San Francisco, Calif., to Prince Edward Island, Canada. By replacing ordinary plastic items with PLA compostable plastics, these communities are able to divert and compost large parts of the waste stream, while helping composters reduce processing, separation and disposal costs.

"BIOTA’s new bottles are the first to be approved by BPI and continue to expand the array foodservice items that are certified," notes Steve Mojo, BPI executive director. "As the BPI list grows, it will be easier to implement diversion programs, especially for sporting events and festivals," he added. The complete list of approved products can be found at

BIOTA is bottled in a new multi-million-dollar, state-of-the-art plant in Ouray, Colo., where local residents package, label and ship supplies of BIOTA. "This water is pristine, pure and untouched. It is protected deep within the mountain and is captured at the source, flowing directly to our bottling facility," said Zutler.

The natural spring water comes from a hidden source more than 9,000 feet above sea level, making it one of the highest protected alpine springs in the world.

BIOTA Brands of America Inc. has its corporate headquarters in Telluride, Colo. The company was formed to bring pristine Colorado Rocky Mountain spring water to market while respecting the local and global environment. BIOTA is available in a half liter, a 12-ounce "Stubby" bottle, and a one liter "thirst quencher."

BPI is a multi-stakeholder group, involving people and organizations that produce, use or recover biodegradable plastic products. It promotes the growth of biodegradable plastics through education, use of scientifically-based standards, and cooperative efforts with organizations in Europe and Asia.


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