New Water Conditioning System Achieves Higher Efficiency

Duplex system provides easier operation and allows for multiple regenerations per day

csi_ conditioning system

With the current concerns surrounding reducing salt and water consumption, CSI Water Treatment Systems introduces a new high-efficiency, patent-pending water conditioning system. The company has determined that the simplest, most effective way to achieve higher efficiency performance is through the use of duplex alternating ion exchange vessels. Benefits the duplex systems provide are:

  • No softener capacity wasted by being held in reserve (up to 30% savings in water and salt);
  • Continuous soft water eliminates the risk of untreated water bypass;
  • No worries about time-of-day clocks; 
  • Simple adjustments to achieve peak salt dose performance; and
  • Duplexing allows use of smaller ion exchange vessels and capacities as there is no required reserve, and they can regenerate multiple times per day if necessary.

Current best-available-technology demand-initiated regeneration (DIR) units use complicated predictive software in an effort to learn use patterns. These methods can help improve performance, but can be easily tricked when patterns are varied.

CSI introduces a completely new duplex platform concept that utilizes a patent-pending manifold/shuttle valve system that provides “Plug-N-Flow” convenience to the installer. This unique new manifold allows the installer to choose between soft water and hard water regeneration without any model number or parts changes. This no-field-plumbing-required installation allows quick decisions at the time of installation as to which method is most efficient. Most parts are interchangeable with the current Signature Series valves to facilitate quick and simple service calls with only two special parts needed.

The Signature Series Duplex features one master controller/shuttle valve that communicates to two slave-style multi-function valves for simple and efficient operation. The master controller, which requires no time-of-day clocks, features continuous flow rate read out, unit in operation, gallons remaining, calendar day override and fully adjustable cycles. With fully adjustable cycles, the user has the option to design variable high-efficiency salt dosing as required. Once this system is installed, all the homeowner ever needs to do is make sure the brine tank has ample salt. This task will be made easier in 2013, when the Signature Series Duplex Series will introduce a salt-level sensor option that will have wireless transmission to a remote receiver to alert the homeowner when salt is needed.

Future versions will include field-upgradable DIR duplex conversion kits, which will allow a dealer’s current single-tank customer to upgrade to the new Signature Series Duplex Unit. Other future versions will include CSI’s patent-pending Blended Pulse Brining technology to achieve even greater efficiencies to meet new regulatory demands.


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