New Water Treatment Plant Opens in Zanesville, Ohio

Facility replaces old treatment plant, uses filters furnished by Hungerford & Terry

Hungerford & Terry Inc. (H&T) announced it has furnished eight 12-ft-diameter-by-24-ft-horizontal GreensandPlus filters at a new water treatment plant in Zanesville, Ohio. The new plant replaces a 25-year-old facility that opened in 1987.

The new Zanesville water treatment plant opened in January 2012 and is engineered to treat 10 mgd versus the 7.5 mgd treated in the old facility. The total cost of the federal stimulus-funded Zanesville plant was $16 million. The new facility also contains two 500,000-gal raw water storage tanks; the old facility had only one.

The plant allows room for an additional two water filters to be added as needed. Bulk storage tanks at the plant are available to house fluoride and phosphates necessary for water treatment. With two onsite labs, a fast turnaround time is also possible for water sampling. One of the onsite labs directly pipes water in from H&T filters to ensure the treatment process is working as specified.

Hungerford & Terry Inc.

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