New York Apartments Install Composting Toilet System

The Aquatron unit installed at the Bright N’ Green apartments will support the activity from 12 toilets

Rosie's Natural Way Aquatron Composting Toilets Bright N' Green Brooklyn, NY

Rosie’s Natural Way, the North American distributor of the Aquatron, has installed the composting toilet system in the Bright N’ Green apartments. The six-unit complex is the first Living Building Challenge residence in Brooklyn, N.Y. The apartment complex installed a single Aquatron unit that will support the activity from 12 toilets. 

The separator component of the Aquatron uses no electrical or moving parts to separate liquid from solid waste. The separation process is used for optimal composting conditions. The solid waste generated by the residents will be composted using worms, which will produce a casing that will then fertilize the apartment’s rooftop gardens. The repurposing of the waste lightens impact on the already strained New York City sewage system.

Rosie’s Natural Way is currently developing a proprietary biofilter that will filter liquid waste to drinking water quality. The water also can be recycled into a home’s water fixtures. The biofilter is the final component for creating an independent sewage system. Residential homes and facilities will no longer rely on sewage systems and will consume less freshwater. 

Rosie's Natural Way

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