Aug 05, 2016

NGWA Announces 2016 Groundwater Industry Award Recipients

Honors include Awards of Excellence, Divisional Awards, new Fellow designations

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The National Ground Water Assn. (NGWA) announced the recipients of its 2016 Awards of Excellence, Divisional Awards and new Fellow designations, which will be presented this December during Groundwater Week in Las Vegas.

Stewart Krause of Wyo-Ben Inc. in Billings, Mont., received NGWA’s top honor as recipient of the Ross L. Oliver Award for outstanding contributions to the groundwater industry.

Other 2016 NGWA award recipients include:

Awards of Excellence

  • Bridget Scanlon, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas – M. King Hubbert Award for major science contributions to the knowledge of groundwater
  • Leroy Goodson, former executive secretary for the Texas Ground Water Assn., Austin – Special Recognition Award for dedication, service and commitment to the groundwater industry and community through involvement and achievement on a local or regional level
  • Arthur E. Becker, MGWC, CPG, Drilling and Safety Consultants LLC, Manahawkin, N.J. – Standard Bearer Award for outstanding volunteer involvement in the legislative process on behalf of NGWA and its initiatives

Divisional Awards

  • Prabhakar Clement, Ph.D., Auburn University, Auburn, Ala. – John Hem Award presented by the NGWA Scientists and Engineers Div. for a significant recent (within the past five years) scientific or engineering contribution to the understanding of groundwater
  • Daniel B. Stephens, Ph.D., PG, PHg, Daniel B. Stephens & Associates Inc., Albuquerque, N.M. – Keith E. Anderson Award for outstanding contributions to NGWA’s Scientists and Engineers Div.
  • Charles Mills, Mills Machine Co. Inc., Shawnee, Okla. – Manufacturers Div. Special Recognition Award
  • Burnet Chalmers, Milby Co., Elkridge, Md. – Supplier of the Year Award

The new NGWA Fellow designation represents recognition by a recipient’s peers and NGWA for outstanding credentials, professional accomplishments and a commitment to promoting the increased understanding of groundwater science and water well system technology.

The first to receive Fellow designation include:

  • Amvrossios Bagtzoglou, Ph.D., University of Connecticut, Cheshire, Conn.;
  • Arthur E. Becker, MGWC, CPG, Drilling and Safety Consultants LLC, Manahawkin, N.J.;
  • James Jacobs, PG, CHG, Clearwater Group, Mill Valley, Calif.;
  • John Pitz, CPI, N.L. Pitz Inc., Batavia, Ill.; and
  • Roger Renner, MGWC, E.H. Renner & Sons Inc., Elk River, Minn.

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