Jan 23, 2015

NGWA Announces Directors & Officers for 2015

Richard Thron of Mantyla Well Drilling Inc. will lead national board

The National Ground Water Assn.’s (NGWA) 2015 national and divisional boards feature a number of new officers and directors.

Heading the national board is Richard Thron, MGWC, of Mantyla Well Drilling Inc. in Lakeland, Minn. An NGWA member for 30 years, Thron has served on the boards of both NGWA and the Minnesota Water Well Assn. He also has served on numerous committees for both associations, representing the industry to the state and federal governments.

Thron is known as a tireless advocate for groundwater and groundwater professionals.

“I get to provide the second-most important thing for survival to my customers,” he said. “People don’t often realize how lucky they are to have clean, clear water they can trust.”

Thron started working at Mantyla Well Drilling, his father’s business, after completing a four-year stint in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War.

Other new officers for NGWA’s national board are:

  • President-Elect Jeffrey W. Williams, MGWC, CVCLD, Spafford & Sons Water Wells, Jericho, Vt.;
  • Secretary David Henrich, CWD/PI, CVCLD, Bergerson-Caswell Inc., Maple Plain, Minn.;
  • Treasurer Ronnie Hensley, Gicon Pumps & Equipment Ltd., Abernathy, Texas;
  • Vice President of the Scientists and Engineers Div. Robert P. Schreiber, PE, BCEE, D.WRE, CDM Smith Inc., Cambridge, Mass.;
  • Vice President of the Contractors Div. Todd E. Hunter, CWD/PI, Ground Water Pump Systems, Boulder, Colo.;
  • Vice President of the Manufacturers Div. Paul Eberhardt, Western Rubber & Mfg., Conroe, Texas;
  • Vice President of the Suppliers Div. Ron Brillhart, Johnston Supply Inc., Ashland, Ohio; and
  • Past President Griffin Crosby Jr., CWD/PI, Crosby Well Drilling Inc., Lake Wales, Fla.

The three new national directors, as well as new members of NGWA’s Contractors Div. board are:

  • Patrick Casarez, Patrick Water Well — Pump Repair Service, Cleveland, Texas;
  • Brian Snelten, PG, Layne Christensen, Aurora, Ill.; and
  • David Traut, MGWC, CVCLD, Mark J. Traut Wells Inc., Waite Park, Minn.

Other changes in divisional officers and directors include:

Scientists and Engineers Div. — elected to second terms:

Michael Wireman, retired U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Boulder, Colo.; and

Melissa Lenczewski, Ph.D., Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Ill.

Manufacturers Div. — three new officers:

Chair Paul Eberhardt, Western Rubber & Mfg., Conroe, Texas;

Vice Chair Todd Tannehill, CETCO Drilling Products, Boardman, Ohio; and

Secretary Moyland G. Rainey, Simmons Mfg. Co., McDonough, Ga.

Manufacturers Div. — three new directors:

Robert Caho, Diedrich Drill Inc., LaPorte, Ind.;

Jeffrey Quinn, Baroid Industrial Drilling Products, Houston; and

Kyle Schoenheit, Goulds Water Technology, Seneca Falls, N.Y.

Suppliers Div. — three new officers:

Chair Ron Brillhart, Johnston Supply Co., Ashland, Ohio;

David L. Williams, Goodin Co., Minneapolis; and

Ronnie Hensley, Gicon Pumps & Equipment Ltd., Abernathy, Texas.