NGWA to Offer New Short Course on Role of Water Movement and Geohazards

Short course offering to be held in Columbus, Ohio, in March

The National Ground Water Assn. (NGWA) is offering a short course titled “Geohazards and the Role of Groundwater and Surface Water” this year in Columbus, Ohio, March 26 to 28.

The new course will present an overview of surface water and groundwater movement, its impact on landslides of various kinds, and its reaction in soils under conditions of seismic shaking.

Case studies that will be presented include the Silverado Canyon rockfall, the landslides and litigation in Rancho Palos Verdes, and Northridge and Mexico's Easter earthquakes.

Attendees of this course will learn about:

• Basics of water and groundwater presence in geologic environments particularly prone to landslides, debris flows and liquefaction;
• Calculating hazard potential and determining parameters for design; and
• Detailed assessments of past landslides, debris flow, and liquefaction events, and their costs.

The course instructors will be John Foster and W. Richard Laton, both affiliated with the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of California, Fullerton.

More information is available in the events/education section of NGWA’s website.

National Ground Water Assn.

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