Mar 14, 2014

NGWA Offers Certified Groundwater Professional Designation

The new designation signifies that the holder has a thorough background in groundwater subjects

NGWA Certified Groundwater Professional Designation March 2014

The National Ground Water Assn. (NGWA) is accepting applications for its new Certified Groundwater Professional (CGWP) designation, which signifies that the holder has a thorough background in groundwater subjects.

The new program, revamped from a previous version that started in 1986, requires both professional experience and continuing education. The following core competencies ensure that the applicant has a diverse background in groundwater and sufficient skills to earn the designation:

  • Groundwater hydrogeology and hydraulics;
  • Groundwater geochemistry;
  • Groundwater modeling;
  • Groundwater remediation;
  • Geology and geomorphology;
  • Scientific writing and presentation; and
  • Ethics.

"This certification provides a solid credential to a groundwater professional, because it attests to a depth and breadth of experience and knowledge regarding groundwater," said Kathy Butcher, NGWA director of learning and knowledge. "Also, it demonstrates the designee's commitment to ongoing learning. The CGWP designation provides an incentive for the professional to grow and an incentive to the client to do business with that professional."

The CGWP designation may be of particular interest to professionals who:

  • Lack a professional engineer or professional geologist credential;
  • Have a BS or MS degree in the geosciences and desire to continue and expand their professional expertise; and
  • Are regulatory personnel with geoscience background and training.