May 12, 2015

NGWA Seeks ANSI Standard for Pumping Systems

The association is seeking volunteers to develop a standard to include guidance on performance requirements for pumps used in water wells

National Ground Water Association standard pumping systems well

The National Ground Water Assn. (NGWA) is seeking volunteers to form a consensus body for developing a proposed groundwater pumping systems standard to include guidance on performance requirements for pumps used in water wells.

A standard is a formal technical document for generally accepted processes, procedures, and policies. NGWA is seeking establishment of standards to protect groundwater resources and public health, and to help ensure professionals are capable of proper selection, design, and installation, by establishing a benchmark for groundwater pumping systems.

The draft ANSI/NGWA-03-1X Water Well Pumps Standard will be compiled following American National Standards Institute-accredited NGWA Standard Development Operating Procedures. Among the areas to be covered by the proposed standard are:

  • Pump system design;
  • Wellhead considerations;
  • Pump sizing and materials;
  • Tanks, metering, valves and piping;
  • Electrical concerns;
  • Operational concerns; and
  • Any related topics as determined by the consensus body.

Persons suitable for the consensus group include groundwater industry stakeholders such as water well system contractors, regulators, private water well owners, groundwater scientists and engineers, and manufacturers and suppliers of equipment used in the groundwater industry. Membership with NGWA is not required for participation.

A free orientation webinar will be held July 15, 2015, to educate interested parties on the standards process, as well as how they can become involved.